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16-23 October 2022
Fujairah, UAE

Welcome address by Dr. Raffaele Chiulli
UIM President

Dear Delegates of the UIM National Authorities, dear Members of the UIM Council, Commissions and Committees, dear guests,

I am very pleased to welcome you in Fujairah for the 95th UIM General Assembly and meeting week and I thank you for joining the stakeholders of the international powerboating community in the UAE to participate actively in the UIM’s most important institutional event of the year.

For over two years the COVID-19 pandemic has obliged us to work and exchange in a ‘virtual’ environment, and we are all relieved to once again gather in person on occasion of this 95th UIM General Assembly in Fujairah and to exchange face–to-face without the intermediary of a screen. This return to natural communication will render the work that lies ahead of us much more agreeable for everybody and I trust this will impact positively our efforts to further develop the International Powerboat sport.

This year’s UIM General Assembly will remain as a very special edition in the history of the Organization as it coincides with the 100 Years Anniversary of the International Powerboat Federation. Those present in Fujairah will have the honor and privilege of sharing with the stakeholders of the Powerboating Sport the commemoration of the milestones that have marked the evolution of our Organization. A special thanks goes to the Fujairah International Marine Club and to their CEO, Ahmed Alblooshi, for all the arrangements and services that will make of your stay a most memorable experience.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Fujairah.

Dr. Raffaele Chiullli

UIM President


Welcome address by Ahmed Alblooshi,
CEO Fujairah International Marine Club (FIMC)

We are proud to host the 95th General Assembly of the UIM, which is considered one of the most distinguished international sport associations throughout the history, and more so in a year this important institutional event coincides with the Centenary of the International Powerboat Federation.

We are delighted to welcome the UIM President Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, the UIM Board Members, Officials and Delegates as well as guests and visitors once again to the United Arab Emirates’ Emirate of Fujairah and to Fujairah International Marine Club for the UIM General Assembly and related Committee meetings. The Event will be staged under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, and honored by the attendance of His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Hamad bin Saif Sharqi, President of the Fujairah International Marine Sports Club.

We wish you all a pleasant stay, and successful meetings at Hotel Novotel Fujairah, throughout the week from 16th to 23rd October 2022.


Ahmed Alblooshi

CEO Fujairah International Marine Club

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Welcome address

About Fujairah

Fujairah is the only emirate that is located completely on the eastern coast of the UAE along the Gulf of Oman. The shores of Fujairah extend along the Gulf of Oman for about 70km. from the city of Fujairah in the south to the town of Dibba in the far north.

The total area of the emirate of Fujairah is 1,450 sq. km. Population of Fujairah reached 256,256 according to mid-year population estimates of 2019.

It shares its boundaries with the emirates of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah on the west and the emirate of Sharjah to the south. On the north, it shares its international border with the Sultanate of Oman.Fujairah's economy is based on fishing and agriculture. Its land is irrigated by rainwater from the Hajjar mountains. Due to its strategic position, it is the UAE's only access to the Indian Ocean. It operates a multipurpose port that offers access to major shipping routes of the world making it home to the world's largest livestock shipping companies.


Other local industries include mining and stone crushing which have benefited from the recent boom in construction in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Fujairah Free Zone, surrounding the port of Fujairah, promotes foreign investment in banking and trade. The emirate's GPD reached AED14,093 million in 2014.

In 2015, Fujairah launched 'Fujairah Plan 2040'. The plan includes the development of Fujairah port by adding new terminals for oil, marine services, dry bulk and containers with an anchorage area, along with the expansion of Fujairah airport apron and runway and the relocation of the cargo terminal and airport.

Fujairah is distinguished with its rugged mountains, valleys, waterfalls, oases and wide sandy beaches. It has several hot, cold and mineral springs. Because of its easterly location, Fujairah's climate is more moderate than that of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Weekend visitors looking to escape the heat are drawn to Fujairah's relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Wadi Al Wurayah waterfalls and Ain Al Madhab Gardens are major touristic attractions. And so are the historic Al Bidya Mosque and the Heritage Village.

Fujairah's modern history began in 1808 when Sheikh Mohammed bin Mattar, leader of the Al Sharqi tribe built his castle and the old city surrounding it. The current Ruler of Fujairah is H. H. Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi.

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